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QUIN Council: Working Together for Quality and Unity in Nursing


In August 1989, the leadership from professional nursing groups that have a state level of organization met with a mission to develop and demonstrate unity in nursing in Florida. To facilitate meeting this mission, they established the QUIN Council. The members of QUIN, an acronym for Quality and Unity in Nursing, included the following nursing organizations:

  1. Florida Nurses Association

  2. Deans and Directors of Nursing Education Programs

  3. Florida Hospital Association Center for the Promotion of Nursing

  4. Florida League of Nursing

  5. Florida Organization of Nurse Executives

  6. Florida Board of Nursing

Representatives of these organizations identified the objectives for QUIN Council and established meeting and operational structures. QUIN was designed using the National Tri-Council, an organized meeting of the American Nurses Association, the American Organization of Nurse Executives, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, and the National Association of State Boards of Nursing as a model. Each organization is permitted to send up to three representatives to QUIN meetings.  Since that time, QUIN has added several organizations and membership now total 21 Florida nursing organizations. 


            QUIN has remained active at varying degrees, usually depending on what was occurring in nursing.  Over the years, the organizational representatives have reviewed the Operational Guidelines and made some revisions. Members voted to expand membership to other interested groups to continue to foster unity and open communication within diverse community of nursing.  Recent issues of concern have driven home the point that nursing MUST present a unified front, not only to protect and preserve the profession, but also to strive for the highest quality of care for the communities we serve.


            In the past, QUIN embarked on a project highlighting the importance of the experienced nurse.  FNA received a grant from the Center for American Nurses and we launched a survey to determine if hospitals were implementing special considerations to prolong the careers of older nurses. QUIN supported this project by encouraging nurses to complete the survey. The results were published in The Florida Nurse bringing awareness of the importance of the seasoned nurse.  QUIN has also been committed to supporting the work of the Florida Center for Nursing to ensure that Florida has accurate data regarding the nursing workforce.


            In 2015, QUIN celebrated its 25th anniversary.  Since that time, the group has worked to expand its membership by opening it up to any state level nursing association. As one of it’s most recent projects, QUIN members have worked together to create a website to help individuals who are considering a career in nursing.  The website which can be accessed at was designed to give those seeking a career in nursing the most accurate information regarding how to choose a nursing school.


            In 2019, QUIN created a strategic plan and are currently meeting to address various aspects of that plan through its member organizations. Current QUIN Representatives are listed on the homepage of this website.  QUIN is currently inviting any organization that has state level membership to join us in order to create a unified voice for nursing in Florida. If you belong to a state level group that would like to join QUIN, please contact FNA by emailing Chris DeSanctis at   

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